I am a 36 yr old single father to a 8 yr old son, who is the literal light of my life. I like all people have suffered insurmountable odds and woes throughout my journey, but I have yet, “thrown in the towel”. It would be so much easier to just call it quits and shuck my responsibilities…But I was not raised that way. In my personal belief system, I believe that the answer to “THE” question, “why are we here?”. Has a two part answer… 1: We are here to learn as much as possible, absorb all knowledge and life experience, from the chance meetings with those who soar among the clouds, all the way down to those who live in the underbelly of accepted social existence. 2: After you have harnessed as much understanding as possible, and preferably before you gracefully cross over to the plane of wholeness and absolute truth…You pass on said knowledge. Either indulge yourself in teaching your children whatever lesson or moral corruption that has plagued you into transforming for the better…. From the infinite beauty of absolute silence to the self-absorbed cro-magnan, self-indulgent eruption of incessant ramblings. Or put ink on paper and bleed through your life, from the beginning to the end. Spare no experience, the hidden existence of soulshattering lost loves to endless nights spent awake, only accompanied by nauseating thoughts of a possible connection with another soul and the eternal butterflies that shock you back to life without the slightest hint of a warning. You have the ability to change and to change others. Pick no quotes of passed dead to base your life. Create your own life words. Create your own life. Create life. Fulfill life. And let go of physical life to pursue eternal life…Live, Learn, Pass on what you have learned, Physically die, Spiritually evolve……if anyone would like to check out my other page or just converse, I’m on Facebook… https://www.facebook.com/crookedgrassy/